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Buddying Up for Pumpkin Decorating

Alli K., Lauren G., Gabby R., Lilly R., Sydney F., and Angela H. (Photo/Dr. Bundy)

On Tuesday, October 3, seniors met with their kindergarten buddies in the Dining Hall to decorate pumpkins.

Mr. Dow rearranged the Upper School’s schedule to accommodate the event. Sectioned by kindergarten classes, each table held a pair of pumpkins and bags filled with beads, sticker letters, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, ribbons, sequins, alongside a shared glue stick and markers. Hot glue guns were available, but only seniors could operate them.

My K-buddy, Demi S., and I enchanted our pumpkin into a dog named “Pinky.” With cut-up pipe cleaners serving as ears & smiles, pom-poms becoming eyes & noses, and feathers, ribbons, & beads transforming into hair, Demi had total creative freedom, similar to the other kindergarteners.

An excellent bonding activity, I look forward to more time spent with Demi this final year. The next Senior and K-buddy event is letter writing, set for Tuesday, October 24.


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