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Three Clubs Win Grants

Dungeons and Dragons, one of three winners at Club Fair (Melanie Q./Staff)

Ian C. and Melanie Q. announced Club winners for their well-decorated tables at the September 1 Fair held on Lazarus Courtyard after a morning of all upper-school community service. Club Penguin, Dungeons and Dragons, and Pickleball Club received $100, $50, and $25, respectively.

Club Penguin, new this year, is headed by Kelli R., who adorned herself in an inflatable penguin suit to recruit members. Dungeons and Dragons, led by Charlie S., offered an assortment of dice and figurines to promote the roleplaying and collaborative storytelling game. Pickleball, also new, is piloted by Sarthak A., Charlotte B., Gavin H., and Mary P.

Kelli R., proud of the win, said, “I didn’t dress up in that hot and humid suit for nothing.”

Club leaders plan to invest their winnings in various resources. For Pickleball Club it will be equipment, for Dungeons and Dragons–guides for new players. Charlie S. said, “I’m excited to use this grant to further our endeavors to tell fun and exciting stories with anyone willing to take a chance on the club.”  

Excited about their upcoming matches, Mary P. says. “Pickleball club may be new, but it’ll be great!”

Students can look forward to all of the new year’s clubs.


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