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Business Fair Inspires Entrepreneurial Sixth Graders

Quinn H. promotes his handmade “Desk Pets”(Matthew F./Staff)

Columbus Academy bustled with excitement on May 19 for the much-anticipated annual Business Fair, which highlights the inventive spirit of our sixth-grade students. The event culminates the hard work of sixth-graders over the past month. Their presentations awed visitors with various innovative products and services on display.

The annual fair provides students with an immersive learning experience in promoting creations, ranging from DIY slime to photo shoots to portable ping-pong sets. 

To prepare for the day, students set up their booths, transforming the Barton Room into a bustling marketplace with brightly decorated stalls. Faculty and students from other grade levels arrive with 20 tickets to spend on their favorite items and engage in conversations with the student vendors.

Both STEM and humanities classes helped sixth-graders develop skills in product development, advertising, and presentation. 

Beyond the commercial aspect, the fair fostered valuable life skills in teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. 

The Business Fair affords its presenters a sense of confidence and self-beliefs as the event ended their school year on a good note.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Academy’s students will endure, inspiring generations of students to dream big, think outside the box, and create solutions that shape the world around them.


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