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Academy Holds Disciplinary and Honor Committee Elections

(Upper school head, Ms. Izokaitis, and Dean Thompson host run-offs for the DHC. (Sean J./Staff)

Fourteen rising juniors and seniors delivered speeches at assembly on Monday, May 15, to ask the student body to vote them onto the Disciplinary and Honor Committee (DHC). 

Adaugo N., Ethan T, Mircea B., and Sydney L. secured the votes and will join Adam R. and David W. on the DHC.

Dean Thompson oversees the committee, whose purpose is to uphold discipline and honor in line with the Columbus Academy’s core values of respect, responsibility, compassion, honesty, fairness, integrity, and moral courage. Students on the council aid teachers in administering just disciplinary measures for students who have violated the rules of the school.

The majority of the speeches from the candidates emphasized the empathy that they would have toward any students brought before the DHC. Additionally, most speakers espoused their senses of justice and righteousness. The 2023-24 committee will include three juniors and three seniors.


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