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Students Take Advantage of Final Common Hour 

Students embrace outdoors and welcome visiting canines. (Melanie Q./Staff)

Common Hour, an initiative by former student body co-presidents Davey A. and Gurby V. to promote well-being, has seen great success this school year. During these monthly hour-long periods, students can catch up on schoolwork, relax with friends, and stay off their phones. This year’s final Common Hour was on May 18, featuring a variety of activities.

Many students spent time outdoors, from playing spike ball on the Quad to volleyball on Lazarus Courtyard. Mr. Wuorinen led a bird-watching event, allowing students to explore the nature which surrounds Academy. 

Inside, people flocked to library carrels to catch up on schoolwork and lounged on sofas with their friends. The popular therapy dogs made their third appearance in the Junior and Freshman lounges, attracting animal lovers. 

Upper School counselor, Ms. Dillon offered a “Cupcakes with the Counselor,” a relaxed get-together, giving students gourmet cupcakes if they filled out a survey to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. Cupcake flavors included chocolate, chocolate caramel truffle, funfetti, strawberry cheesecake crunch, and vanilla.

Student body co-president Angela H. says, “When we planned Common Hour two years ago, we wanted to address the mental health stigma at CA. I believe that it has really benefited the student body and is a great opportunity for us to bond and have some fun. A huge thank you to Ms. Izokaitis, Mr. Dow, and Dean Thompson for being on board and helping continue this amazing STUCO initiative.




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