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Service Board Plans Ahead for Next Year 

Service Board members engage in a variety of events, including the annual Empty Bowls fundraiser. (Courtesy/Ms. Bening)

With the installation of the new leaders complete, Justin A. and Arya C. will lead the 2023-24 Service Board to new heights and hope to increase its membership as well as influence. 

Justin said, “We are going to begin by getting CA sports teams more involved with service.”

More athletic team volunteers will expand a positive impact to the rest of CA’s community. Shortening meetings is also on the agenda.

Service Board’s Lower School Fair is on June 2, 2023. Arya C. says, “The lower school fair was so much fun last year, and Milana, Molly, and I are excited to run it again this year.” 

For those of you who have not joined Service Board, next year will feature many changes.


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