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Seniors Celebrate Last Day on the Quad

(Claire S./Staff)

Seniors celebrated their last day of classes on Friday, May 5 on the quad, alongside observing students, families, teachers, and staff. The huge outpouring of guests began in 2010 and has since grown stronger in number ever since. Soon-to-be graduates class wear their college shirts and play games until the bell rings at 3:20. Dean Thompson, says, “Final bell is definitely one of my favorite days of the year. It’s not like Commencement where the ceremony is more for the parents. Final bell is for the kids.”

Seniors started their last day in the parking lot by sitting on the the roofs of their cars with friends. Before signing out for the last time, they were required to have signatures from each of their teachers verifying everything was turned in. Then began a day of signing yearbook booklets, music, corn hole, badminton, and food truck treats.

After the 3:20 bell chimed, seniors ran together in the middle of the quad, followed by parents and students who flooded the common area to congratulate the seniors before they headed off to work on their senior projects.


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