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CA Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week 

During the week of May 8, the Columbus Academy community celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Week with the substantial generosity of the Parent’s Association (PACA) who greeted the teachers with a daily new treat, displayed the faculty lounge. 

Starting off the week strong, the table in the lounge was filled with an assortment of candy for our “sweet” teachers. The spread included Hersey kisses, Twix bars, chocolate pretzels, Smarties, Jolly Ranchers, any of which teachers could their fill bags from the candy bar. 

Superior Buckeye donuts were served on Tuesday in the Dining Hall. From chocolate to glazed to powdered sugar to buttermilk and to red velvet and more, teachers had delightful options to choose.

Graeter’s Ice Cream truck was the treat on Wednesday. Parked outside the Dining Hall during the afternoon hours, the truck had lines during its hours from 1-3 p.m. Teachers enjoyed double-scoop ice cream cones, classic sundaes, strawberry shortcake sundaes, and milk shakes on the quad on the Lazarus Courtyard.  

On Thursday, the teachers received reusable Starbucks cups, each with an individually wrapped with a gift card hidden inside. 

To close out the week, the Belgica truck served waffles to the entire school. The truck returned for its second time after its debut at the blood drive earlier in the year.

This week celebrated all of our hardworking teachers, yet we continue to appreciate the work they put in every day of the school year.


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