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Orchestra Hosts Inaugural Senior Night

Orchestra recognizes 14 seniors. (Melanie Q./Staff)

Spearheaded by Angela H., Drew S., and Abbey Z., the Academy’s Orchestra hosted its inaugural senior night on April 25, with a beach theme inspired by the class pet, Shostakofish, named after composer Dmitri Shostakovich. Colorful leis, a glittering photo backdrop, and tropical props adorned the Dining Hall as students, teachers, friends and families filed in to support the 14 seniors. 

The night began with “Lyric Metal” by Brian Balmages, followed by an award ceremony for individuals who earned varsity letters and who played at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble this past year. Also, congratulations to Kate F. for receiving the National School Orchestra Award for her musical excellence and contributions to the program.

Afterward, the orchestra accompanied Irena A. and Kate F. in their duet, “Concerto for Two Cellos in G Minor” by Antonio Vivaldi, a fast-paced piece with mesmerizing melodies. 

For the ceremony, each senior chose another orchestra member to introduce them. Their announcers highlighted the senior’s musical background, their favorite part of the orchestra, and their impact on Academy. After the heartfelt speeches, the announcers bestowed lei garlands upon the seniors and gave them fish-shaped bags filled with sweets, stickers, and fun gadgets.

Following this presentation, the seniors performed “Viking” by Soon Hee Newbold, a classic piece they learned in middle school, bringing back nostalgia. To conclude the concert, eighth-grade orchestra members joined the Upper School in “A Pirate’s Legend” by Soon Hee Newbold. The piece built suspense with intense, dramatic entries at various moments and featured techniques like glissandos by the cellos.

Orchestra’s Senior Night was a tropical delight filled with beautiful music and rightful recognition.

Abbey Z. says, “Senior night began as just an idea, but I’m really glad we took the initiative to make it happen because it was a lot of fun to put together. I hope the seniors enjoyed their last concert, and we will all miss them next year!”



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