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Trashin’ Fashin’: Met Gala Prom Raises Hype

Steppin’ out with Ms. Fitz. (Tiko B.) 

On Wednesday, April 19, during the advisory period, the Prom Committee hosted a “Trashin’ Fashin'” activity to raise excitement for the upcoming Met Gala-themed prom. The contest challenged advisories to use everyday materials to create unique outfits in just 15 minutes.

At 10:25 a.m., students and advisors scrambled to create their outfits using materials provided by the Prom Committee, such as pipe cleaners, coffee filters, trash bags, file folders, stickers, and tape. Besides the supplied materials, participants could also use common classroom items like paper, tissues, markers, pens, staplers, and scissors for their designs.

The competition ended with a runway show at 10:40 am in the quad, where models paraded in groups, sorted by grade. Plastic bag dresses, pipe cleaner hats, newspaper shoes, and more were present on students during the event.

The best-dressed models from each grade level were ninth(Stout), tenth (Tursich), eleventh (Luzniak), and twelfth (Thompson).

In addition to these grade-level winners, Compton’s advisory received special recognition for their model, who was Mr. Compton, for having the best attitude during the event.

Trashin’ Fashin’ proved to be an entertaining  way for students and advisors to express their creativity while building anticipation for the upcoming prom. The Met Gala-themed prom night promises to be a glamorous and unforgettable experience, thanks in part to the buzz generated by this event.

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