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Serving by Becoming a Shaper

Service Board President Emily M. poses with new Shapers (Courtesy/Ms. Bening)

While you may be counting down the days before spring break, Service Board (SB) strengthened its ranks by selecting new Shapers: leaders who exemplify passion for service, sit on the board’s steering committee, and manage events. They also exceed the off-campus service graduation requirement by at least 10 hours, contribute to Shaper meetings on D Days, and attend, at a minimum, one extended leadership workshop in mid-June.

Unaware of the applicants’ names, current Shapers ranked ninth and tenth graders after reading about their candidacy and essays. New to this year’s application, candidates supplied a recommender.

Sophomore Melanie Q. applied because “Service Board’s message of helping others and giving back to the community really resonates with me.”
Emily M. said, “They are a very hard working group of people and Ms. Bening, Lia,  and I are excited to work with the new Shapers!”

Along with the ten returning Shapers, the thirteen new students (and incoming Service Board President and VP) will lead on-campus service events next school year.
Congratulations to Sabrina A., Isa E., Maddie E., Chris H., Jennifer L., Olivia L., Mmesoma N., Melanie Q., Priya R., Abby S., Rachael S., Elle V., & Lara W.

Thank you to Shapers Arman A., Eva B., Sophia C., Eliza F., Maren L., & Arnav S. whose leadership CA will miss next year.

“Being a Shaper is super rewarding because of the impact you can have on others and the community, says Mmesoma N.

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