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Dodgeball Stirs Up Eight Teams

Josiah C. and Olivia L. throw while Katie J. waits as David W.  judges (Courtesy/David W.)
Led by David W., Student Council kicked off its much-awaited dodgeball intramural tournament on Wednesday, February 22. Eight teams competed.

Participating groups were “Dinoco,” “Morgan H’s Team,” “Whirpool 36-Inch Wide,” “Hansheng X’s Team,” “Sextet Towers,” “The Norwegian Vacuums,” “Ice Spice,” and “Gulf.”

Four teams made it to the second round:  “Whirlpool 36-Inch Wide,” “Morgan H’s Team,” “The Norwegian Vacuums,” and “Ice Spice.”

“Morgan H’s Team” and “The Norwegian Vacuums” were the last teams standing. After a thrilling face-off, “Morgan H’s” team emerged as the winner.

The teams’ composition had to include two boys, two girls, and an extra player of any gender, who acted as a sub.

Each game lasted three minutes, and the tournament had a best two out of three format. If the timer ended before all the players on one team were out, the winner was the team with the most players remaining. If both teams had an equal number of players remaining, the team that got a player out first won

David W. said, “I thought the tournament went great! There were a lot of students who came out to watch the games, and everyone got super into it.”

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