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Orchestra Dazzles at String Festival

Mr. Greenwood conducts orchestra. (Melanie Q./Staff)

Academy’s Advanced Orchestra traveled to Upper Arlington on March 4 to perform at the Central Ohio String Festival, a two-day event that featured 30 orchestras playing pieces for judges and receiving a ranking from I (superior) to V. Afterward, the judges provided feedback about the performances in a clinic session. 

Our orchestra began with “Serenade-Mvt. 1” by Joseph Suk, a piece that starts lively but fades away at the end. It followed with Samuel Barber’s slow and lyrical “Adagio for Strings,” featuring long, smooth bow movements. Without stopping, they transitioned directly into “The Fire Within” by Brian Balmages, a dazzling, fast-paced, and fiery piece with many contrasts in dynamics and mood.

The orchestra showcased techniques from pizzicato, plucking the strings, to col legno, striking the strings at a fast pace using a bow. The performance received an excellent rating (II), and students gained valuable feedback about improving their pieces.


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