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Academy Crowns First Chess Intramural Winner

(Cami S./Staff)

Academy’s first intramural chess match came to a close at assembly on Monday, February 27.

Players competed either on a chess website or on a board to determine who would advance in the single elimination bracket, which was rapidly narrowed to finalists, Sean J. and Evan S., who faced off on .

They played 5 games with a two-minute time control, with 2 seconds added to the player’s clock after every fast, intense move.

Competing in front of a cheering crowd, Sean and Evan played a strong opening to get their pieces to optimal positions on the board. Sean’s clock started to drop in time, making it difficult to think for longer than a few seconds. Evan capitalized on this advantage. Although he missed a move that would have been a forced checkmate, he eventually manuvered his pieces to a winning position. Evan checkmated Sean in a thrilling endgame and won a trophy and bragging rights as the school’s first chess intramural champion.


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