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Aladdin Jr.

(Vaanika J./Media)

Audiences were transported to the magical palace of Agrabah with classic songs on January 27 and 28. Our middle school staged its annual musical: Aladdin Jr., directed by Whitney Eads and assistant director, Stacy Nockowitz.

Meera S. played Princess Jasmine with elegance and poise while Wystan C. captured the lovable protagonist of Aladdin. Genie Addison G. embodied the iconic mannerisms and attitude of the beloved sidekick. Dillan L.’s comedic take on the evil Jafar was also memorable. A dynamic set of side characters supported the main cast, and every member contributed to their performances.

The elaborate sets and special effects by Scott Dillon captured the magic of the classic Disney movie. The Cave of Wonders descended from the rafters, while smoke filled the stage and made the Genie appear out of thin air.

This show was a blast with hilarious one-liners and perfectly timed jokes that made the audience roar. 

Congratulations to our fellow Vikings on an incredible show!


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