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Mr. Olexio Leads Training in Honor of Veterans Day

(Ethan K./Media)

Joe Eden (staff sergeant) and Mr. Olexio (lieutenant colonel, RET) led CA students on Friday, November 11, in some early-morning military workouts in honor of Veterans Day.

Over 30 students and faculty met in the Field House Gym at 6:30 a.m. to exercise in military style. Mr. Eden and Mr. Olexio told us that this physical training aims to ensure service members’ fitness and to build camaraderie. 

The sessions started with warm-ups. Then we moved to drills for Mr. Eden or Mr. Olexio one would yell out the activity’s name and then everyone would repeat its title. We performed these in cadence to a 4-count. After this, we completed a 1-mile run, during which we chanted military repeat-after-me phrases. 

This experience allowed me to get a glimpse into the everyday armyroutines. While we did not do the rigorous training of real soldiers, descriptions from Mr. Eden illuminated the physicality and work required of them. I enjoyed bonding with other tired students as we all did a little extra this Veterans Day.


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