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Academy Attends Eco Summit at Columbus Zoo 


Five seniors, accompanied by Ms. Downey, traveled to the Columbus Zoo on Wednesday, November 2, to attend the Teen Eco Summit, an event that brings together central Ohio teens who are interested in conservation and environmental activism. This is the sixth year of the event and Academy’s second year of attendance.

Grace H., Ava H., Maren L., Andrew S., and Monish S. gathered with participants from over 30 other schools  to discuss ideas that would make our school more sustainable and to get our community more involved in environmental events.

Maren said,  “We learned about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, heard the guest speaker, Alexis Nikole (known on TikTok as Black Forager), and walked around the zoo hearing from community partners stationed at each exhibit, where they explained their conservation and climate efforts.”

These seniors’ next steps are to create our action plan and incorporate some of our projects into the Upper School.


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