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Serving by Contributing to Food Drive

Donating food listed on Food Bingo card benefits others and your advisory. (Courtesy/Service Board)

How can you support others during the holidays while bolstering your chances to win a prize?

By collaborating with your advisory to collect at least the quantity of food indicated on the Food Drive Bingo card. 

Created by last year’s Service Board to engage the upper school with the annual Kids 4 Kids Food Drive Food Drive, Food Bingo is an activity that will take place in Tuesday’s advisory.

 For over 30 years, the CA community hasprovided over 100 grocery store carts full of shelf-stable food and toiletries to over 150 people and various food pantries. This year’s goal is to sponsor 32 Central Ohio families and the NNEMAP food pantry.

Similar to last year’s game played during our advisory block, random squares will be called until an advisory from each grade types “BINGO” into a Google Meet. Unlike last year’s game, every advisory will receive a different Bingo grid. 

It’s time to stockpile your advisory room with unexpired, non-glass, and dent free items. Good luck on Tuesday, November 1!


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