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Reading with Pride

The Upper School library has created a book display to celebrate October’s LGBTQIA+ history month. 

(Courtesy Abbey Z.)

October is associated with pumpkins and ghouls, but the Upper school library is brandishing rainbow displays and flower garlands to celebrate LGBTQ+ History month which started on the first.

On these displays marked with the pride flag, library-goers will find books from any genre, ranging from kids books to high fantasy. These titles all have one thing in common: their authors are apart of the LGBTQ+ community, or their stories have representation of the community, which is essential because “seeing our history and identities represented contributes to our pride and self-expression as well as educates others and increases support of the community,” Addy Butler, a leader of Academy’s Queer Affinity, says. 

Ms. Nzimiro, who was in charge of the display, said. “The shelves normally hide these books, and by putting them in a central location,” the librarians could bring awareness to the stories the books contained, rotating books around as they got borrowed. ]


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