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The Mack Turns Magical for Fall Pep Rally

(Abby Z./Staff)

Vikings Maren L. and Arman A. greeted all school divisions as they entered the John Mackenzie Gym for the year’s first pep rally on October 14. 

In preparation for the football game against rival, Bexley, our Student Council decided to parody Harry Potter’s Triwizard Tournament. While students were getting situated, the Academy band played an array of music, ranging from the school’s fight song to pop.

Students played musical chairs for the first event. In a game of Quidditch, Tommy J. caught the golden snitch,portrayed by Scott A. The final task involved students attempting to pin the tail on Bexley Lion. Although this round didn’t have teams, the school cheered when lower schoolers toppled Tiko B., who was dressed in lion garb.

The pep rally signaled a return to normalcy: “We were so excited to have our annual pep rally back in the Mack gym as Covid restrictions from last year have been lifted!” said council member Angela H.


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