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Serving at Faith Mission Returns

Donate time to Faith Mission to help people in need. (Faith Mission website)

With pre-pandemic life returning, one missed event has reappeared on Service Board’s recurring schedule: serving meals at Faith Mission, which  is one of Columbus’s longest, ongoing service initiatives and largest homeless shelters that provides daily meals to about 600 community members.

Supplying dinners to Faith Mission, which started as a quarterly service event  40 years ago, has blossomed into a monthly tradition, thanks to generous donors like the Galbreath Family. Before COVID-19, all divisions of CA participated in this service opportunity: with LS and MS students preparing desserts and encouraging cards and US students delivering these items to Faith Mission. 

During the pandemic, Service Board continued its involvement by employing its creativity. Initiated by recent graduate Yashu T., US students bagged treats the second Monday of the month to supplement the hot meal trays prepared by our school’s SAGE Dining Services. School nurse Ms. Hoagland and MS math teacher Mr. McCue faithfully delivered both these food items the following day.   

With restrictions lifted, US students can return to Faith Mission on the second Tuesday of the month. After meeting in the Dining Hall and loading the trays onto the van, volunteers will head to downtown to unload and serve dinner to 80 clients.

Consider becoming one of the fortunate three who can spend two hours spreading joy to others. Sign-ups are located near the Shack.

“The feeling you get when you volunteer is unlike any other. Taking moments of your busy lives to step outside of the bubble we live in, and to assist those who need it is incredibly fulfilling.” – Sophia C.


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