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Triple Crown “Derby Prom” Unites Upper School



(Courtesy/Ethan K)


After two years of modified proms due to Covid, the Derby prom on Saturday, May 7, was a smashing success thanks to the hard work from the juniors on prom committee and  faculty advisors, Ms. Eden and Ms. Stout. 

The popular $1.00 rose sale took place the week before the event an initiative Vaanika J oversaw by wrapping and individually labelling 346 roses purchased by students and faculty. 

The Derby-themed prom in Granville’s Bryn Du Mansion fieldhouse that was decorated with fairy lights, roses, trophies, and several “photo spots” including large lighted-up letters that spelled out “prom.”

Upper school student Yiling H gave a live performance of three popular tracks from his duet band called “The Dibbles.” His performance was both a surprise to the student body and a highlight memory for everyone.

Many considered the 2022 Prom to be one of the best in recent Academy history, even before Covid. Thank you to all the members of the prom committee for a memorable evening for the departing seniors and the rest of the student body.




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