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Senior Leaves Their Mark 

(Ellie T/Staff)

If you have stopped to look into classroom A113 within the past month, you may have found a new colorful addition to Ms. Chahal’s eastern wall: a mural depicting women lounging in vibrant clouds is the work of senior Cassidy J, whose painting has captured the attention of many history students who enter the room. 

“I think Ms. Chahal asked me because I tend to doodle faces in class,” Cassidy said. “She said that she had a blank space in her room and told me to ‘go at it!’” 

The meaning of this mural wasn’t clear at first, but as they touched their brush to the canvas, Cassidy said the purpose became apparent. “Ms. Chahal was really touched by the Hijabi woman,- She said it was really calming because all the women have their eyes closed and are in relaxed positions”

When asked for advice for aspiring artists in any medium, Cassidy answered “For anyone who wants to pursue art, I would say that practice doesn’t make perfect, but it makes creating easier. Don’t try to get into art just because it’s something you’ve seen. Do it because it makes you happy and you enjoy what you’re doing.”

Stop by A113 during activities or after school; you may catch Cassidy J painting!


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