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Serving by Becoming a SHAPER

(Courtesy/Ms. Bening)

Congratulations to the newest SHAPERS who will lead our school service events.

While you may have been mapping out plans before the break, Service Board (SB) strengthened its ranks with new Shapers, who are SB leaders who exemplify initiative and commitment to service, sit on the board’s steering committee, consult with SB’s elected leaders, and manage events. They are also expected to exceed the off-campus service graduation requirement by at least 10 hours and contribute to Shaper meetings on D Days. 

The recently selected leaders were determined through a selection process involving an application, essay, and ranking by current Shapers who were unaware of all candidates’ names. Because Service Board does not specify a predetermined number of Shapers, the annual number can vary.

Freshman Angela B. applied because she “love[s] doing service, and . . .  want[s] to have a bigger role in our community.” SB President Cyrus H. complimented all this year’s applicants, saying they are “all outstanding members of our community who wanted to play a bigger role in all of the work the Service Board does.”

This year’s eight additions were evenly split between sophomores and ninth-graders. Along with the 11 returning Shapers, our new additions and incoming Service Board President and VP will be running every on-campus service event next school year. Please congratulate Angela B., Malia C., Molly F., Stella L., Carolina M., Arnav N., Eliora T., and Jack Y. 


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