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Serving (Ecosystems) Near Campus 

Spring provides additional opportunities to beautify Academy Park like the US students who tended to it last fall. (Courtesy/Emmett L.)

Last weekend’s temperatures which soared into the 70’s may have lured you away from your studies to venture outside. If you would like basking in the outdoors primarily on Wednesdays after school or Saturday mornings while earning off-campus service hours, consider joining the Academy Park Service Opportunity already in progress. During every 2-hour session, you can help protect biodiversity by performing valuable services like removing trash, clearing invasive species, mulching, and planting trees in the park that’s only a 20-minute walk from CA.

Conserving Academy Park began as a pilot program last school year thanks to the Environmental Club’s initiative. Alumnus Brodie L. met with CA administration and Gahanna Parks representatives to ensure the off-campus service site was COVID safe for the 14 US students who participated last spring. The partnership with Gahanna Parks continued this school year with seven students clearing litter last fall.   

If you want to help facilitate healthy ecosystems over the next six weeks, please email Emmett L., who says, “It’s a fun and convenient way to get your hours. Bring a friend! You don’t have to attend every single event, just come when you can.”


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