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Academy’s Blood Drive: 48 Units!

US students and faculty serve others by giving blood and red blood cells at the Winter Drive stationed at the Athletic Entrance. (Courtesy/Ms. Bening & Charlie B.)

Entering school on January 12th was an atypical day with the sight of students donning red or pink tops and the smell of pancakes wafting among the hallways. These changes signified the beginning of the Red Cross Blood Drive. After a year hiatus due to Covid, the CA tradition that originated in the early 1990’s returned in full force.

Fifty-three Academy students, staff, and community members surpassed this year’s goal: 44 units of whole blood and 4 units of red blood cells were collected after the 6-hour drive. According to the Account Manager of the Red Cross Blood Services, 13 years ago was the last time 48 units were produced from an Academy Blood Drive hosted during National Blood Donor month. These donations can save up to 144 lives!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the successful event, especially the 20 first-time donors, 17 student volunteers, and 4 student leaders: Justin A, Charlie B, Liesel G, and Alli K. 

Given that it is one of the easiest ways to make a lasting impact in 2022, please consider donating or volunteering to support the next blood drive on April 12th.

“I donate blood as much as I can, which is about every 6 weeks, and you absolutely should try to donate . . . especially now, as the US is in a huge blood shortage,” says Charlie B. 


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