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Serving by Slurping (Soup)

Columbus Academy community members use pottery wheels to shape clay annual for Empty Bowls Dinner. (Courtest/ Ms.Bening and Ms. White) 

If you are craving a meal that warms your heart, consider attending the Empty Bowls dinner on Friday, December 10, from 5-7 p.m. at Otterbein’s Campus Center. Columbus Academy Service’s Board and Ceramics Club sponsor Empty Bowls to fundraise for the Westerville Habitat for Humanity. All proceeds from the event will help build a home for someone in need.

Attendees select keepsake bowls, fill them with unlimited soup, and receive other meal accompaniments along with a beverage in a space surrounded by art and with engaging conversations.

This is Ms. White’s 4th year in continuing a tradition thatoriginated six years ago by Mr. Rahe.

If you can’t attend Empty Bowls, you can help by hand crafting or wheel throwing clay soup bowls. Ceramics Club hosts open studios during activity periods where you can mold unique vessels. No prior experience is necessary!

“Empty Bowls is a beautiful way to bring together craft, skilled donations, food, and community to support those in need,” say White


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