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Schoolwide Service

Students from all divisions, faculty, and staff contributed to Service Board’s annual Food Drive. (Courtesy/Ms. Bening and Ms. Black)

Twas the night of the Sleep Out, when all through the campus, many creatures were stirring, even middle school students.  During the school day on November 5, sixth-grade students hauled boxes collected from the Food Drive to the staging areas in the Lower and Middle School lobbies and to the Senior Lounge. That evening over 40 ipper school students and 8 adults unpacked these boxes and sorted the donations, setting aside some food for the Barton Room store, which the sevenbth-graders graders will visit togather those items listed on the sponsored families’ personal wish lists.

Guest speaker, Michael Corey‘01, from the Human Service Chamber of Franklin County was the highlight of the Sleep Out. Corey explained that COVID continues to impact every level of society. He also stressed affordable housing is a pressing concern for many Franklin County residents.

Thanks to everyone’s generous donations, all of CA’s sponsored families will receive staples such as flour, sugar, and cereal, in addition to items on their wish lists. This year’s Food Drive will provide 30 families withnutritious items to stock in their homes for the holidays.


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