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Recycling Tradition Continues

(Courtesy/Ms. Bening)

With the bustle and chatter of over 1,300 people occupying Academy’s halls, do you know the amount of paper, cans, and bottles we recycle? 20 large wheelers are filled every 7 school days–this quantity does not include the amount created by the Dining Hall.

Former US students Alice Gahbauer, Michael Ehrenfried, and Mariah Mazur initiated the recycling program on campus in the early 2000’s, and Service Board has been managing this program since its inception.

In spite of COVID, Maroon and Grey rotation days, and unpleasant weather, Service Board and the Maintenance Staff have delivered the recyclable material found in the classrooms and wheelers to the compactor which Rumpke empties every Friday morning.

Thanks to the work of Don Webb and the generosity of the Rumpke family, CA received a larger compactor on Earth Day.

If you can spend 30-minutes on Mondays during Block 4 to help reduce the waste sent to landfills, contact Arnav Seri’23 to participate in “Tidy Up Monday.”


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