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Godzilla Vs Kong: Worlds Colliding

Godzilla vs Kong is the new surprise hit of the year, as viewership hits all-time highs. (Wikimedia Commons)

The worlds from Kong: Skull Island and The Godzilla franchise collided as they traveled to find Kong’s real home. Along their way, they encounter Godzilla and realize there can only be one true titan. 

Marketed as a Godzilla and King Kong movie, the film primarily features Kong. This could be frustrating to fans of the Godzilla franchise, as he doesn’t appear throughout the film as heavily as the other beast.

Godzilla Vs Kong matched up to the originals, if not surpassing them. The movie is a love letter to the originals and a treat for die-hard fans of the franchise. For people just tuning in, however, the movie lacks a true understanding of the film’s purpose. 

While entertaining for every type of viewer with its impressive CGI, it is far more special for long-time fans.

The film is streaming in theaters but can also be viewed on HBO Max.

The film came out March 31, 2021, and grossed $60 million at the Box Office domestically: an all-time high of the pandemic. Its runtime is 1 hour and 53 minutes.


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