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Opportunities with Malone Schools Online Network (MSON)

Students collaborating on Zoom. (Pexels)

Beginning in fall of 2021, current sophomores and juniors can take courses through the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON), ranging from Ancient Greek 1 to Ensuring Equity: Women in 21st Century American Culture to CSI: Forensic Science and explore courses previously unavailable to us.

MSON will offer 26 courses in STEM, social sciences, and world languages ranging from semester long courses, which count for half an elective credit during the fall and spring–to year long classes, which carry a full credit. All courses meet synchronously twice a week during 4th or 5th blocks from 12:15-1:15 or 1:20-2:20 to after school from 3:35-4:35 or 4:40-5:40.

Participants will join other students across the country from 25 other schools in 24 different states plus Washington D.C. For more information, please see Mr. Dow.


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