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New Off-Campus Service Opportunity

Academy Park is the latest approved off-campus service site.

While many US students may be sleeping in on Friday, March 5, nine lucky US students aspiring to complete their off-campus service graduation requirement will be attending Gahanna Parks and Recreation’s 1 ½ hour orientation at Academy Park–thanks to the initiative of Brodie Leo’21 and the CA Environmental Club.

Brodie led the Environmental Club’s idea to adopt and conserve Academy Park, one of two parks near Academy’s main entrance. Working with Ms. Bening and Ms. King, Brodie met with CA administration and Gahanna Parks representatives to ensure the recently approved off-campus service site was COVID safe. 

After orientation, nine students can walk 20 minutes after school to Academy and Woodside Green Park to mulch, plant, clean up, and remove invasive species at both parks and the creek dividing them. By participating in the 22 scheduled events over the next two months, 46-hour off-campus service hours will be earned by May 14. See link for dates and times:  

If you want to help facilitate healthy ecosystems and protect the biodiversity of the parks neighboring Columbus Academy, please submit a Service Site Proposal using the following link:

Thank you Brodie, Ms. Bening, Ms. King, Mr. Rhiel and CA’s Environmental Club for creating another service opportunity for US students! We hope you will consider helping the environment while fulfilling your off-campus service hours.

“By volunteering you are . . . helping to make visits to these parks better for people and for the species that live there too.” (Brodie Leo)


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