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Service Board’s “Shapers”

(Courtesy/Ms. Bening)

Although it may feel like 2021 has just started, planning for next school year has already begun beginning with Service Board Shaper applications. Shapers are Service Board leaders who exemplify initiative and commitment to service, sit on the board’s steering committee, consult with Service’s  elected leaders, and lead or manage events. Shapers are also expected to exceed the 45-hour off-campus service graduation requirement by at least 10 more hours.

Twenty-eight US students serve as Shapers this school year. Arnav Seri’23 applied because he “was interested in being more active when it comes to service in the CA community.” Vivian Bradner-Young’22 described Shaper responsibilities as “very fulfilling and  . . .  a great way to learn more about the organizing and planning side of service events.”

If you are a Service Board member in good standing and committed to serving inside and outside of CA, consider applying. Applications are due by 4 PM on Friday, February 26 in the SHACK’s  the wooden box or to 

Good luck with your application!


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