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Honoring Academy’s Faculty and Staff

Since last March and throughout this year’s opening, Academy’s faculty has adapted to teaching live and online simultaneously. Our school’s staff have risked their lives every time they stepped foot on campus and selflessly soldiered on for the benefit of the students.

Thank you, Columbus Academy’s heroes: all 265 faculty, staff, and administrators who dedicate their time and energy to support and develop thoughtful and responsible citizens. 

Service Board celebrated its annual  Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day on Friday, February 5. New to this year’s celebration was a treat from a Graeter’s Ice Cream truck and colorful goody bags filled with Golden Delight Bakery cookies, candy, and drink packets, yet the students’ personalized notes were the highlight of the bag.

Thanks also to the Student Council and Service Board leaders who collaborated for this event and the dozens of students who filled and delivered the goodie bags. Our gratitude to CA’s Chinese American Parent Association, who donated the Golden Delight treats.

If you missed the opportunity to write notes to Columbus Academy faculty and staff, it’s never too late to show them you care!


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