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Vaccine Update


As a greater vaccine distribution moves forward, the volume of information regarding the vaccine itself–who gets it and the timeline–can be confusing.

First, every state has received a limited supply of vaccines proportional to its population, and as states move forward with their plans, more will be provided.

Ohio has a phased approach to getting the vaccine to as many people as possible. Phase 1 uses the initial limited vaccine supply for specific critical populations and healthcare workers. Phase 2 involves an increased supply that is still focused on select populations that are high priority, and Phases 3 and 4 are when the vaccine can be widely distributed to anyone who chooses to take one. 

Phase 1a has already been completed, with vaccinations provided to health care workers and high-risk populations, such as nursing home residents and those with serious health conditions. Phase 1b is set to start by the end of the month and includes older people who elect to take the vaccine along with K-12 teachers and staff. 

As Phase 1b includes K-12 personnel, Academy has been communicating with the Franklin County Health Department to secure vaccines for our faculty and staff with the aim of ensuring the safety of our community and making our way out of this long winter into spring.

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