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Apple’s Airpods Max: Revolutionary Audio

Apple recently released its new luxury edition of its Airpods Max. With premium aluminum in its outer covering, stainless-steel headband, and memory foam cushions, this device is heavier than most other like products.
Airpods Max has both noise-cancelling  and transparency modes, along with a single button along the top of the right ear and a small intuitive scroll wheel for volume adjustments,  each simple and unnoticeable.
Most impressive is Apple’s new spatial audio, which delivers surround sound, each side automatically calibrated and adaptable to new surroundings. This feature tracks both your head movement (using gyroscopes and accelerometers) and your phone’s position so its sound is directed relative to the screen.
Airpod Max is $549 and comes with additional add-ons. Available online and Bestbuy.

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