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Service Board Presents Blessing Boxes and Baking Bread 

On January 8, CA assembled Trail Mix snacks for Faith Mission and suggested items for Blessing Boxes-the first being assembled on December 12th. (Courtesy: Mrs. Bening and Jared Kass’21)

While most CA students have been transitioning back to their school routines after Winter Break, some students and teachers have also been making time to help the community.

Based on Ms Gorsuch’s suggestion, Blessing Boxes became a Service activity. Similar to Little Libraries, Blessing Boxes are cabinets filled with free items for the community to take and replenish anonymously.

 Service Board teams will build Five Blessing Boxes that will  be stationed at Columbus Academy and nearby major thoroughfares. Service Board leaders will create a plan to fill and refill the Blessing Boxes. If you want to contribute personal care, paper products, aor nonperishable food, please refer to the image above listing suggested items. Collection boxes for your donations are located on tables outside of Morris Hall.

Thank you to Makerspace teachers, Mr. Howard and Mr. Martin, for supplying pre-cut materials for the boxes’ construction.  Senior Service Board Shapers Brady Hess, Jared Kass, and Graham Mallory built the first Blessing Box. 

If you’re in town on Martin Luther King Holiday (Monday, January 18) and feel industrious, partake in Bake for Good and Project Linus. Bake for Good teaches students how to bake two loaves of bread: one to keep and one to share. CA students can earn 3.5 service hours if baking from home (Students supplies ingredients needed and deliver bagged bread labeled with your name to basket outside of Dennett Hall by 2:30 PM on the 18th) and 4 hours if baking at the CA lunchroom from 10-2:30 PM. (Please bring a mixing spoon, 2 mixing bowls, and different sizes of measuring cups to school). To participate in Bake for Good, you must complete this survey. Contact juniors Vivian Bradner-Young, McKenna Chow, or Liam Ross with questions.

Students who bake bread at school on January 18th can also stay after to color fabric for Project Linus quilted blankets, which are gifts for ill, traumatized, and needy children.

We can’t wait to see all the Blessing Boxes around town and smell the bread on campus!


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