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Students Support Military Personnel Through Letters

Max Popp'22 writing a letter. (Julia DeVore'22/News)

Max Popp’22 pens a message to military personnel. (Julia DeVore’22/News)

On November 12 and 13, students wrote letters to active, reserve, and veteran military personnel through the organization “A Million Thanks,” which will deliver these mailings during December around the holidays.

“A Million Thanks,” a non-profit, supports military personnel and their families. For over a decade, this organization provides need and merit- based scholarships to children of fallen soldiers, helps injured veterans, and delivers over 10 million letters.

Multiple responses from active military soldiers are featured on “A Million Thanks,” website. Active military soldiers state the letters “lift the spirits of our soldiers” and keeps them “motivated and proud” during their deployment. With our letter writing station in the senior lounge, Academy students can help lift spirits, too.

More letters may be written until November 20.


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