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Contact Tracing at Higher Capacities

Contact tracing flow chart (Wikimedia Commons).  Academy’s guidelines on contact tracing and quarantine (Columbus Academy Campus Reopening Plan)

As we have had more students come back to campus, keeping track of and minimizing positive COVID cases have been the school’s chief concern. Because of this, CA has implemented a vigorous and efficient system of contact tracing to ensure our continued safety on campus. 

Contact tracing involves mapping out people-and places with whom a positive case has been in contact. Monitoring potential virus exposures effectively prevents outbreaks from growing and proactively catches possible future cases.   

Academy has been diligent in employing contact tracing. Following the trail of contact through classes and sports teams allows CA to limit and account for current and future positive cases, making in-person classes on campus possible.  

The school has also implemented extra measures to keep track of students in shared spaces and expedite the process of contact tracing. For example, when entering the library, students are required to fill out a survey, documenting during which block they visited and where in the library they sat. This information is vital for reference-if a positive case spent time in the library, tghe people around them at their place of contact could be potential cases.  

Contact tracing  will become increasingly important as we transition to 100% capacity and start our safe return to normal. 


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