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Staying Connected in Shared Spaces

Students sitting on Lazareth Courtyard stumps. (Isabella Morris’22/Media)

Anticipating the school year in its hybrid form, my friends and I were worried about how we would spend time together throughout the school day. With the dining hall and lounge seatings reduced to account for social distancing, it seemed like popular gathering spaces were no longer an option as a way to stay in contact as a group.

Once the school year started, however, we quickly found many accommodations to ensure we felt connected to our classmates. Academy made efficient use of spaces in anticipation of social distancing guidelines, such as converting parts of the dining hall into classrooms. The administration also included new outdoor areas for students to gather safely during a time when we need to feel together more than ever. 

In past years, I found myself spending most of my time during the school days indoors, doing homework in the hallways or relaxing in the lounge. Now, everytime I go to campus, I’m sitting outside with friends on the stumps, on the patio, or on the quad. Even though the hallways have less traffic, and we can’t all be together. Yet, campus still feels vibrant when seeing everyone gathered outside. 

At a time where distancing is the new norm, I know that when I go to campus, there are many places I can share with my classmates. 


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