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Enola Holmes: Sherlock’s Mysterious Sister, an Unexpected Heroine

Millie Bobby Brown, “Stranger Things” actress plays Enola Holmes (
It is hard being the sister of a famous super sleuth, but Enola Holmes stands on her own with her feminist stance. 

With not much coming to the big screen during the pandemic, Enola Holmes has been highly anticipated due to the star-studded cast, including Millie Bobby Brown, Sam Claflin, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham Carter. 

This film tells the story of a clever younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, who tries to outwit her brothers, search for her missing mother, and help a young runaway lord. 

Throughout the movie, Enola breaks the fourth wall when narrating the film. The fourth wall is the “invisible wall” between the characters and the audience where the characters talk directly into camera and acknowledge the audience’s presence. While this cinematic technique can be used effectively to play on the audience’s emotions, it is overused in this film and becomes silly. 

Despite this, Enola and the runaway lord, Lord Tewksbury, (Louis Partridge) have an undeniable chemistry that makes the film worth watching yet ends with many unanswered questions-perhaps to pave the way for a sequel that explores their relationship further.

It was refreshing to see Millie Bobby Brown in something other than Stranger Things because  Enola Holmes shows Brown’s wider range .

While some viewers may see the film as entertaining, the stylistic choices made in it cheesy. 

The film premiered September 23, 2020, on Netfflkix. Rated PG-13, its runtime is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

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