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Ms. White Leads Socially- Conscious Art Seminar at Miami University

(Cami Seymore’23/A&E Editor)

On Monday, September 14, Upper School Ceramics teacher, Charity White led a seminar on Socially Conscious Art and Teaching at Miami University, where she discussed her activist-based artwork and her socially conscious classroom lessons. 

White hopes the audience “thought about ways in which they can talk about difficult conversations and how to incorporate them into the classroom” since many people have turned to the arts to express themselves during our increased time of isolation.

Although White has taught seminars that focus on art making and her teaching practice, in this conference she addressed the difficulty of teaching ceramics during Coronavirus because clay can be cumbersome. One way to to help students was to give them supply kits to work  at home on projects such as pinch pots. 

In additon to providing White’s Academy students an outlet to express their creativity during these uncertain times, she is also helping other people outside of CA do the same.


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