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Soul Surfer Lacks Spirit

Under quarantine, some of us are looking at old teen classics for an uplifting experience. I was expecting a heartwarming tale when I started watching Soul Surfer, having never seen it when I was younger.

Based on the story of Bethany Hamilton, a popular surfer, who in the 2003 loses her arm in a shark attack but refuses to give up, she vows to return to competition with the support of her family.

My disappointment with this film is an understatement.

Even with former Academy Award winner Helen Hunt playing Hamilton’s mother, the acting is over the top. The crying seems forced, and I felt like I was just waiting for the end to arrive instead of enjoying the movie.

Far from heartwarming, this movie has no soul in spite of its name.

Childhood movies can hold a special place in the heart. But I won’t be viewing this film again. 

Soul Surfer came out in 2011 but it was added to Netflix May 17, 2020. The movie is PG and featured  on Netflix.


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