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Candy Madness Ends with a Beary Sweet Victor

Gummy Bears: the upper school's unexpected favorite

Everyone could use a little sweetness in these uncertain times, and that is just what Ms. Popelka provided us through Candy Madness, the ultimate candy tournament to see what treats the Academy community would like to see in the Library Bowl.

Thirty-two delicious sweets were whittled down by student and faculty votes, as the daily emails with the links for the next round grew to be eagerly anticipated. Included was clever commentary on the poll results, such as, “I haven’t seen a comeback like that since the Cavs dethroned the Warriors in the final period of the 2016 NBA Finals,” when Skittles scraped out a win against the ever-popular Swedish Fish in the Elite 8.

The tension grew palpable as the Final Four were announced. Airheads and Skittles faced off in the first matchup, and considering Skittles are one of the most frequent snacks in the library, it was no surprise that they trounced Airheads by 35 votes. The next poll was much tighter, and to some surprise, Gummy Bears triumphed over Jolly Ranchers by 9.  

Skittles went into the final as the sure favorite after the beatdown they gave Airheads, but the underdog Gummy Bears refused to lose, snagging 51 votes to Skittles paltry 39. 

The upper school has spoken, and Gummy Bears are officially the candy we’d like to see more of to get that midday sugar rush next fall.


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