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PSA: Primary Elections Now by Mail

Registered Ohio voters can vote absentee for the 2020 Primary Election (Trevor Gordnier, Incirlik Air Base)

March 17 might seem like months ago, but for candidates running in the 2020 Primary election, March 17 was supposed to mark both an end and quite possibly a beginning.

What was scheduled to be Ohio’s main day of in-person voting was halted through an executive order issued by Governor Mike DeWine, and in its place, eligible Ohio citizens will have the opportunity to cast their vote by a mail-in ballot.

Registered voters will receive information in the mail informing them how to request an absentee ballot, according to Secretary of State, Frank LaRose. This was no cheap endeavor. LaRose stated that the entire process of sending out this information will cost the state roughly $2.4 million.

There are three different ways that the State has adapted to make absentee voting accessible to all, according to 10TV News. The first way citizens can cast their ballots is by visiting, printing out the ballot, filling it in, and mailing it to the county board of elections.

The second way involves calling your county board of elections, requesting a ballot, and then completing the necessary steps of filling it in and sending it to the county board.

Third, Ohioans may obtain a piece of paper, fill out their full name and their full registration address-including county, date of birth, mailing address, Ohio driver’s license number/last four digits of your social security number/including a copy of an ID, state that they are a qualified elector who is requesting an absentee ballot for the March 17 primary, indicate their party (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian) or state that they want an “issues only” ballot, sign it, fill in the date, and as an option, fill in their phone number and/or email address.

While this isn’t an ideal situation, this is the safest option for Ohio citizens to exercise their constitutional rights while also staying protected. Citizens will have until April 28th to send in their ballots.



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