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OHSAA Discusses Possibility of Postponing Fall Sports

(Wikimedia Commons)

With the uncertainty surrounding school returns amid the Coronavirus pandemic and the move from postponing the ice hockey, wrestling, and basketball state tournaments to cancellations, the OHSAA has started discussing the postponement of fall sports.

Scott Kaufman, an OHSAA board of directors member and athletic director of Lakota West, says we have” too many unknowns right now” as the anticipated March 20 competition for spring sports came and went. 

The debate continues for fall seasons, with some claiming sports like cross country should be allowed to race because the idea is to out-pace and maintain distance from opponents. Jerry Snodgrass, the OHSAA executive director, raises a good counterpoint, saying “it’s pretty difficult to have one sport and not have the other,” which would give athletes the unfair advantages of competing along their scheduled time frames.

Considering packed football stadiums are the last thing Ohio needs at the moment, the OHSAA has promised to continue monitoring the situation closely for the high school athletes out there.

 Striking even closer to Academy’s turf, athletic director Jason Singleton weighs in on the situation. In his words, the “OHSAA is preparing for the what if, just like professional and collegiate sports. At this time no one can predict how this will play out. We just hope that it ends soon. If people can stay at home, practice social distancing and wash their hands frequently, I’m hopeful this will end sooner than later which would allow us to have a fall sports season.”


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