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We are always searching for means to connect minds across the globe.

For the 2020-2021 school year, rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to enroll in courses through the Global Online Academy, uniting 70 schools in 15 countries.

GOA offers an opportunity to thrive in a global network of students.

The program builds classes of no more than 20 students for over 40 courses with subject matter is relevant to modern times and which can be applied in the real world.

All teachers are passionate about their subjects and are from GOA member schools.

Every course uses contemporary technology such as email and video chatting, allowing students to collaborate internationally and meet people they may have never known otherwise.

Classes vary in length, from summer and short flex courses to those spanning a semester or a year.

GOA courses are as rigorous as traditional ones, requiring 5 to 7 logins and hours of weekly work. The curriculum is flexible, as weekly deadlines are provided, so students can work around their personal schedules.

Before taking a GOA course, students must consider their time commitments and be willing to surpass their comfort zones, as these classes require a high degree of active learning and self-advocacy.

Commitment forms are due on March 10.

For further questions, speak to CA’s GOA site directors, Ms. Carmichael and Mr. Mele, or reach them at

To browse the GOA course catalog, visit:


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