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Social Media in Real Life with The Circle

(Wikimedia Commons)

If you’ve ever been catfished, The Circle, hosted by Michelle Buteau, might be the show for you.  

Eight competitors meet a hotel, are placed in separate rooms, and must interact through “the circle,” a voice-activated system in which they can set up their profiles and have private or group chats. No one knows if the other players are honest or a catfish.

Throughout the show, the players rate each other. Those with the lowest ratings are at risk of being blocked from the $100,000 competition-just like being blocked on social media. 

The competitors make alliances, win mini-games, and become influencers, which gives them the power to vote another player off the competition.

Unlike other Netflix shows, each weekly episode is broadcast live, instead of the entire season being added at once. It also depicts how deceiving social media can be because of how easily the catfish tricks the other players.

This is the harsh reality for social media users: knowing who to trust. 

In spite of a few cheesy moments, The Circle is the perfect binge after a long day and guarantees a good laugh.

Some mature commentary is included, so keep that in mind if deciding to watch the show.

On January 15, 2020, the complete season of the show’s 12 episodes was posted on Netflix.


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