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CA Internship Applications Coming to a Close

Internship applications close on Wednesday, February 12. (Courtesy/ US Air Force)

For the third straight year, upper school students can participate in the Columbus Academy Internship Program.

Founded in 2018 by Jennifer Conti, the program continues to grow. This year students will have the chance to choose from 45 different positions, ranging from botany to finance.

Applications opened on January 27 and will close on February 12, followed by a series of further steps. The initial application process involves filling out a questionnaire as well as a resume, and while some positions are open to all high school students, many are restricted by either age or grade, such as the Accounting Intern position at Bundy Baking Solutions, which is only open to students 18 and up.

After the initial submission, interviews will take place on February 27 followed by the offer day on March 9. Commitments will be due on March 31.

Of course, the CA Internship program is not the only means by which students can find summer opportunities. There are external positions such as at Voices for Ohio’s Children and enrichment opportunities based around college campuses across the country, such as the DesignWorks Summer Academy at Ball State University.

For additional information on any of the positions or experiences offered through the Columbus Academy Internship Program, you can visit

Program Director Jennifer Conti can also be reached at or by a visit to her office in the Upper School library.


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