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Winter Pep Rally Hosts Canine Performers

Middle schoolers eager to test dog’s ability to catch and dunk a basket. (Charlie Belford’22/Media)

 As students and faculty filed into “The Mack” on Friday, January 31, the curious sight of foam mats and a miniature basketball hoop at the center made everyone wonder what the Upper School Student Council had in store for its annual Winter Pep Rally.

Senior Viking, Andrew Cahall, kicked off the event, enlisting the help of the crowd to welcome his friends. With the sound of cheering echoing through the gym, it was revealed that the “friends” were rescued border collies trained by Team Zoom, a canine entertainment group. Children and adults alike clapped with delight as the border collies presented a series of acts, including frisbee tricks and dunking basketballs. Senior Charlie Yaw even challenged one in a handstand competition.

Following Team Zoom was an equally impressive performance by the “Little Dribblers.” 

Each holding a basketball, eager third-graders flooded the court. As “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge played, the Little Dribblers danced and showed off their ball handling skills gained from many hours of practice. They later performed at the halftime of the Ohio State basketball game against the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday, February 1, and will also make an appearance at the Columbus Academy varsity girls and boys basketball games on February 7 and 18, respectively.

When the Little Dribblers completed their routine, to the disappointment of many, it was time for dismissal. The loud chatter and smiles as people left “The Mack” indicated that the Winter Pep Rally was once again, a success.


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